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Paintings and Pigs


The hanging of a show is an art in itself. It was my responsibility to hang the paintings for this First Friday Art Walk at our Gallery. Deciding which paintings should go where is a true challenge but it is pretty intuitive. The next step I fugured would not be TOO difficult. After all I usually have a painting and hold it up till it looks "right". Mark the spot, put in a hook hang it step back and see if it looked ok. Sometimes it did but of course changing was sometimes needed. At my studio I will often usepush pins and just stick them up. It works.

So, I listened to a lesson that told me just what I needed to know. A formula. Measuring and dividing and adding and subtracting and tapping and leveling. There is strap hangers and floreats and nail and corner filler, plastic coated wire step stools and most of all, make sure it is up securly before stepping away from the painting. Eye level? HMMMM who's eye? But all in all it went smoothly and the painitngs are up. If you are in the Phoenix area I would like everyone to come on down to Roosevelt and 1st Street on this Friday and see the handy work upstairs in the Loft.

Today I painted another pig. They are such fun. So I have 2 more. I think they are adorable. I had a pig when I lived in Maine back in the 80’s. We had a small acreage (17) and some sheep and pig and rabbits, etc. I spent time with Charlotte – that was the pig. My step daughter caught her at the county fair and since she was a girl we could not very well name her Wilbur so we named her the next best thing. – Charlotte. She was a wonderful pig! Needless to say we could not eat her so we let her have babies and she was a wonderful mother to them. I collected pigs of all kinds for years stuffed pigs, glass pigs, ceramic pigs, metal pigs, wooden pigs, basket pigs … So I do have an intimate knowledge of pigs. Lol

Now how to I end a blog about hanging paintings and pigs? And what about a quote?

How’s this one?  “Always behave like a duck – keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath.” – Jacob Braude


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