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Best Friends

Whet your Pallete 3' x 5'
Whet your Pallete 3' x 5'

I was reading a blog by Robert Glenn .He talked about having a "painting buddy".  Glenn said “While creativity depends on curiosity and discovery, the expression of art also benefits from some form of mild distraction.” This distraction can be music or a person or a computer connection to a person.

One of my best friends is also an artist. We go to my studio and paint every day. We may listen to music or not. When we are working we rarely communicate other than to occasionally ask for an opinion. I paint more representational such as landscapes she paints mainly abstract/expressionist so we do not compete with each other. The different styles actually gives another view and thought process to judge the validity of work. When we need a break we will engage in a friendly game of scrabble. Somehow we have no problem spending all this time together without any altercations.

We help each other when a slump attacks. Encouragement is the name of the game but utmost honesty is required! I would never say I loved something that I didn’t. Advice is meant to be given, taken, or ignored.

We do get out of the studio to take road trips and explore the outdoors and beautiful scenery that blesses us every day. I also get out of town with my other best friend. Pretty cool to have two of them? We get away from the city and it clears out some of the negativity that form cobwebs in the brain. When I get frustrated on some point, like the computer or business aspect of art he is just a phone call away.  We start the day meeting for coffee and if gets things off to a smooth start.

So I have the best of worlds. I can be alone with my thoughts and still have company.

I really am so lucky to have these two buddies in my life. Writing this blog has given me impetus to read more blogs from other fellow bloggers. It is great getting more and more points of view.

Art has to do with the arrest of attention in the midst of distraction. (Saul Bellow)

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