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More Challenges of Changes

"The Clearing"
"The Clearing"

I told you I would have another picture of this painting up today. Well, it is still today even though it is getting late. It has been a busy day working on marketing my art as well as making it.


I made some changes from yesterday. Maybe I will need a few more tweaks here and there? It is so hard to know sometimes when it is done. I have heard some many artists saying they have this problem.


This is what changes I did: I removed the right side of the front tree’s over-wide trunk at the bottom. The grass and shadows on the right have been adjusted and the branch on the felled tree has been added. The rings of the trees have also been accentuated. I will take a good picture tomorrow and you will be able to see more of what I am talking about. It just got too late to do it today.


One of the things I love about painting landscapes is moving things around and making changes. I use acrylic so sometimes it isn’t so easy to make these changes. It wasn’t until I started working with oil paint that I realized how hard acrylic can be to work with.

I find different things to like and not like in each of the mediums I have used – acrylic, oil, watercolor and colored pencil. I am looking forward to working with pastels some day. All the experiences have made me appreciate those who do each one well.



I learned something from this painting. Usually I paint the whole of the painting but this one I seemed to have worked from one side to the other and this changed where I was going with it to some degree. I am not sure which way I like better.

Thanks for reading.

Jo Allebach

2 Responses to More Challenges of Changes

Perhaps, the changing methods or direction you work from as you paint, are reflecting the way you are looking/thinking of your subject. Painting left to right as you've stated, could mean you see things linearly. Painting the whole, then reworking the details, could mean you see the entire picture or pattern of its unfolding. The details are the refinement or your endeavors. ..Like having a different perspective of thought about what you see, equals a different process/direction every time. Change your perception, you change how it appears to you so that others might see it thru your eyes. You choose how you perceive, therefore that is what your painting becomes. You are the artist. You create by your choices at every stroke, not only your painting but your life as well. (ooooo, deep thoughts) :) How ya' been??

jo allebach
Thanks for the comment. I hope you are doing well.

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