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In Progress Feb 20, 2012
In Progress Feb 20, 2012

I cleaned up my studio, vacuumed,dusted, etc.  Then worked on the painting. I wish I had something to call it besides "in progress". Sometimes a title will come to me half way through a painting or before I start - (that is rare) but usually when it is done the hard part of titling begins. I have no clue on this one yet. It is totally from my head, thoughts and memories so it could have a "gecko" name. Many years ago I named painitngs that were no particular place with titles like "Gecko Lake", "Gecko Springs"," Gecko Falls", etc. This was before there was the famous little gecko advertising insurance. In those paintings I put a tiny little gecko somewhere so you had to look for him. The first "Gecko Springs" was 5 foot by 4 foot and it really delighted the collector to be able to have this added little attraction that they could tell their friends and family.


I read some more of the de Kooning book. Those were some interesting times  in the 20' and 30's. And he was quite the character. There was so much going on to bring modern to the American art scene. It is amazing that what takes a few seconds to find out about on the internet took trips across the Atlantic to get the information. The Art scene in America was in New York and the artists hung out together. de Kooning took a while before he made the decision to be an artist other than a commercial artist where he had a steady income. But his rebel side won out and once again he quit his job abd went full into his art still working on his voice and style.


Thanks for reading.

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