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Painting with a big difference

Marcie's Sister
Marcie's Sister

So … I finished a 2 x 4 foot painting (a landscape). I painted daily on little paintings in oil (mostly still life fruit) 6 inch x 6 inch.

I did not feel like painting but that is impossible because I always feel like painting but I wanted to do something different, real different!

I rarely do abstract so … I thought to go in that direction. I painted background one night. The canvas is 24 x 18 Now what was I going to do. Then I decided I wanted to paint a person. At first I thought it was a boy and then I realized it was a girl. The painting really evolved itself. Then when it was done it was named Marcie’s Sister. No particular Marcie but that is who it is.


I really like Marcie’s Sister. What do you think?

2 Responses to Painting with a big difference

I think the painting is really good and more importantant, though I have not seen your other work, is that you pushed yourself to look at it differently and allowed your subconscience to take over and discover Marci's sister. I had that same type of transition in my own work a couple years ago and I changed the entire direction of my work. Good luck

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jo allebach
Thank you for the encouragement. Your work is quite compelling.

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