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Colorful Peppers 1

Colorful Peppers 1 by Jo Allebach Oil ~ 5 inches x 7 inches
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Colorful Peppers 1
Oil on canvas board
5 inches x 7 inches x .25


It is hard to believe it is Labor Day weekend. I went to the farmers’ market today and found the tiniest, little pear. It even has some leaves on the stem. I can hardly wait to get to painting it! I am putting some pennies by it to indicate how little it really is.



I finished the red and green peppers yesterday. I finished the orange and yellow today. Guess what I call them … “red and green peppers” and “orange and yellow peppers”. I will get more creative with the titles as I go along so they are not so boring.



“Sometimes the title could make or break an art piece. Art is utterance and titles are like punch lines.” (Asterio Tecson)



I hope all is getting better on the eastern side of the country. I have lots of friends and family that were affected by the hurricane.



Available on web site.


Take care and be safe.


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